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 CDM and Working off site

Created 14 Oct 2019, 14:04 by Iain N Morrison in the CDM forum.

Steel fixers are creating cages off site which will eventually be taken to site. Does CDM still apply and other HSE Regs?

#1209 Nick Clay posted on 14 October 2019, 14:34

Hi Iain,

The CDM regulations apply to any construction project on or off site the regs refer mainly to on site in their terminology but where the creation of steel cages that will end up on site the same principals should be applied in design and build as if on site the benefits or offsite are just logistical but still a construction project and definitely part of one, obviously the HASAWA applies in all cases. i found this online might be useful assets/OFFSITE/ ceswlegalguideoff-site.pdf

#1225 hassan izhar posted on 10 February 2023, 10:47

Yes, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) still apply to off-site fabrication of steel cages by steel fixers, as well as other health and safety regulations. CDM regulations are relevant to any construction work, including the design, preparation, and assembly of prefabricated elements, and the creation of steel cages off-site would fall under this definition.

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