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 CDM Roles

Created 17 May 2023, 08:07 by Brett Smith in the CDM forum.

We are doing some work and require the site to be CDM. We have the relevant expertise to take on PD & PC roles withing the company but my question is do we need to name a person the F10 (from within the company) to be the PC and PD or can we use the company name?

#1233 Shirley posted on 22 May 2023, 08:58

We are often asked this question and believe, for most jobs, it should be a named individual so that HSE know their details (name, email, tel no) should anything happen and they need to be contacted. However, on very large jobs, an organisation name should suffice, that said, there should always be a 'responsible party'.
To support the project you will need to have evidence that those appointed have the relevant skills, knowledge and expertise to carry out each role and this information should be readily available should the HSE request it.
The issue is, should the HSE wish to contact any of the named parties, the information to contact them should be readily available.

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