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 CDM Notification rules

Created 5 May 2015, 17:44 by Zac Carey in the CDM forum.

I'm just idly pondering the notification threshold. Given that 30 working days * 20 people = 600 person days, what then is the point of this threshold. I could understand if it was 30 days OR 20 people (which I think it should be), but otherwise the arithmetic could be "if maximum number of people multiplied by total number of days > 500" - or am I missing something?

#1142 David Carr posted on 6 May 2015, 20:44

Projects are notified if the construction phase of the project is over 30 working days AND at some point during the construction phase more than 20 workers will be on the site. E.g. a project could be 60 working days in duration with a maximum of 5 persons on site at any time, which would make the project not notifiable, however, if the project had at some time, may be only one day, 21 workers on the site with only 5 workers on site for the other 59 days, the project would be notifiable although still not exceed 500 person days. I hope that this helps!

#1143 Zac Carey posted on 7 May 2015, 08:53

You've basically confirmed my argument. The 30/20 rule is a red herring. If you follow my formula (max workers * days), then your hypothetical project is any case notifiable (21 * 60 > 500)

#1145 Shirley posted on 7 May 2015, 10:05

Hello Zac,

This can be confusing, however the 500 person days threshold is not based on the 'maximum' number of workers on site. Perhaps these examples will help clarify:-

  • Work lasts 60 days, max 5 workers for 58 days, 21 workers on site for 2 days = total 332 person days, but notifiable due to >20 max workers and >30 days
  • Work lasts 60 days, max 7 workers for 58 days, 19 workers on site for 2 days = total 444 person days, so non-notifiable as doesn’t exceed either threshold
#1146 Zac Carey posted on 7 May 2015, 10:41

Shirley, That's kind of my point. It's such an arbitrary threshold. You could be describing two ways of procuring the exact same project. It's ludicrous that one way passes the test while the other fails it.

#1149 David Brede posted on 4 August 2015, 17:15

I think you have a point Zac.

Going back to the core objectives of the CDM legislation it is not obvious how this achieves any more than what went before.

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