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System Requirements

ToolKit Compliance System from Ai Solutions works with Windows 10 to provide a comprehensive solution for all of your projects, properties and structures. Buy Now »

Application Requirements

Recommended Specification
Microsoft Windows 10, multi-core processor, 4GB RAM
Minimum Specification
Windows 7, 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 50MB disk space

Data Requirements

The data files take up 25MB of disk space to begin with. Growth will be dependent on the type of data you store within the database.

Limitations of Lite / Standalone Product

The Lite/Standalone product only allows data to be accessed from the local computer. i.e. the data cannot be stored on a network drive and shared between multiple computers.

The Lite/Standalone product has a data storage limit of 2GB.

These limitations can be removed by upgrading your license.

ToolKit CS™ Upgrades

Ai Solutions offer various solutions to suit the needs of your organisation as your needs grow, including:

  • A Concurrent-User license which allows you to have up to 5 people at once accessing a single data file over your internal network.
  • Using Microsoft SQL Server for data storage, allowing you to grow your data up to many-TB in size, and to have as many users as you want accessing your data at the same time.
  • Adding our Enterprise Web Interface which allows secure access to your ToolKit CS™ data via a web browser on any device (desktop, mobile/smartphone, tablet, etc).
  • Moving to ToolKit CS™ Hosted so that you can always access the latest version of ToolKit CS™ from anywhere and at anytime, securely and simply.

For these upgrades and more, please contact us today.