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Estate Manager

Asbestos Knowledge Base

The Estate Manager;

  1. Controls all the estate assets for the company and needs to know where the asbestos risks are. However, the day to day management of the risks are carried out by the duty holder.
  2. Needs to see the grid view list (Asbestos Register) of all the items in the database and to be able to sort them so that the relevant information is available at any time.
  3. Needs to print out a report listing the items by risk factor per building to provide a permanent record of them for reference purposes.
  4. Needs a report per building or per room to give to designers and contractors, for instance, who may be planning to work on selected building.

The following items will help with the role holder;

  • Monthly Report showing latest risk assessments and actions planned
  • Links to estate reports showing risk factors across the site and reports per building
    • up to date on line lists of;
    • all asbestos items and status of each
    • asbestos risks
    • view of all tasks / my tasks
    • view of all building drawings per site indicating where asbestos items are
  • Search button for on line enquires
  • Link to my organisation's records for my competence certificates, policy documents and general details
  • List of call out personnel and emergency contact numbers for out of hours contact