Control of Lead at Work, Help from the HSE

Health and Safety ExecutiveFor those of you who would like further help with the hazards of lead within the construction industry the HSE have published an Approved Code of Practice, L132. This document has accompanying guidance which is aligned to the regulations. As we all know Lead has been a major hazard for some time now however it is one danger that is far too often ignored on our construction sites. With many refurbishments being carried out on older premises the risk to workers is quite high.

If you have concerns about the age of the building it is well to have a Lead Paint Survey carried out. Should lead be present then you will need to detail the risks in regard to handling, processing, repairing, and maintenance of any lead paint products.  Remember, you are liable if you do not take precautions if any of your staff/contractors are likely to come into contact with lead or be exposed to fumes or dust.

What we liked about the document the HSE has produced is that they have added Bold, Italics and Margin Coding to support the reader in defining whether the text refers to Regulations, Approved Code or additional guidance. Great idea!

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