Centre of Digital Built Britain

Crane (photo © Shirley Radford)With BIM (Building Information Modelling) being the buzzword at the moment we were interested to see that a partnership has grown between the Department of Business and Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge. Their aim is "to transform the UK construction industry's approach to the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure". They have a number of courses within the built environment that include recommendations form this new government directive.

BIM is set to change the way we design and plan our construction works. Being more data rich the hope is that it provides a platform for sharing of information to all parties involved in the construction process. BIM supports intelligent building models, 2D and 3D, models that can be reviewed and edited in situ. By using latest technologies designers can then provide better models, limiting risk and hopefully, in the longer term, jobs that will come in on time and on budget.

The government has a strategic plan for Digital Built Britain that outlines the standards that we are heading for. Their key measures include:-

  • The creation of a set of new, international 'Open Data' standards which would pave the way for easy sharing of data across the entire market
  • The establishment of a new contractual framework for projects which have been procured with BIM to ensure consistency, avoid confusion and encourage, open, collaborative working.
  • The creation of a cultural environment which is co-operative, seeks to learn and share
  • Training the public sector client in the use of BIM techniques such as, data requirements, operational methods and contractual processes
  • Driving domestic and international growth and jobs in technology and construction

Make no bones about this, BIM is the way forward and we will be seeing more and more 3D models within design over the coming months.  At Ai Solutions we support computerised systems and we believe that technology has a lot to offer the construction industry.

Having developed software solutions for health and safety, in particular CDM, Asbestos and Legionella, for over 20 years, we are well placed to provide software solutions that will support the BIM process. We look forward to the use of technology to support those that are involved in the Design and Implementation of construction projects.

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