Compliance - Going Forward into 2018

ADF November 2017On Wednesday November 8th 2017 Ai Solutions held their Application Development Forum (ADF). It's now been 10 years since we first developed our product and service offering via The Cloud. The main aim was to help stop the silo mentality that many organisations suffered. We did this by developing a solution that facilitates sharing of information 24/7. We were asked by our customers to do something about the 3rd party IT support issues that they suffered and to help them cut costs. That goal was achieved and we have not looked back since!

2017 has shown us that our users need even more increased flexibility and mobile accessibility. With the use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops for accessing and updating data, our users require us to provide them with the software infrastructure that will help them in their day to day working. Not one to hide from the challenges this would bring us we have be working over the past couple of years on more 'web centric' solutions, that provide a secure but sharable platform for their CDM and Asbestos compliance.

We have a mobile surveying application that is freely downloadable and works on both iOS and Android. Linking back to the customer's database to select a property it then allows you to work 'in-situ' and, once you have completed the survey, you can synchronise the surveying data back to the main Toolkit CS database. This way of working allows the surveyor to be more productive and the client can get the most up-to-date information even quicker.

Looking forward to 2018 we have new products that are currently being developed and tested. The first is a web based water application that facilitates Legionella planning, testing and tasking. Our next big release will be ToolKit CS Lite, again a web based application but this time facilitating the requirements of CDM2015. On top of that we have ToolKit CS Cloud on its way. This will be the central infrastructure where you will see all your compliance issues, linking back to CDM, Legionella and tasks.

So, as you can see we have not been sitting idle! As always our development is 'driven by our customers needs'. We pride ourselves on listening to what issues our users have and what they need to help them stay compliant. In the ever changing world of technology we strive to utilise leading technologies, thus giving our users the best experience, keeping the software user friendly, making sure that, no matter what device you choose to use, we can facilitate your needs.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with your requirements then please call a member of the Ai Solutions team on 01525 850080 and arrange a free demonstration and consultation. We know we can help you, we have many customers that will verify that so please contact us today.

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