HSG248 Analysts Guide

HSG248: The analysts' guide for sampling, analysis and clearance proceduresThe HSE has produced another helpful guide, HSG248, which is an Analyst's Guide for sampling analysis and clearance procedures. We particularly liked the section on sampling and analysis of materials as it reminds us about the use of safe systems of work, after all, even though this is part of the analyst's day to day work we must remember that taking samples can also be hazardous!

We also liked the bulk sampling strategy where the sample must truly represent the location (and material sample) from which it is taken. There is nothing to be gained in being less than diligent in your approach to your sampling methods, particularly if you believe there is asbestos present and/or if there are large amounts of materials to sample. Be meticulous!

If you would like to download your free copy OR purchase the handbook then please visit HSG248 page on HSE website for more information.

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