Asbestos Found In Welsh School

Asbestos warningAn investigation has begun in a school in Wales where construction work was carried out.  It is thought that some ceiling tiles were disturbed during some initial construction work. When new work was subsequently planned it was noted that some asbestos insulating ceiling tiles in the kitchen area of the school had already been disturbed.

This lead to the employment of a licenced contractor, who could remove the asbestos safely, being employed by the council. The licenced contractor then notified the HSE regarding the work, as they should do. The HSE then launched an investigation to find out how and why the tiles were disturbed originally.

The fact the tiles were disturbed means that people (teachers, children, school employees) were inadvertently put at risk.  Asbestos dust is a silent killer. Once breathed in it hooks into your lungs and can cause issues with breathing and also lung cancer in the longer term.

Cardiff Council confirmed that 'all asbestos works and clean up at the school' will be completed before the children returned to school after the holidays.