BIM and CDM Synergy

BIM / CDMThe team at Ai Solutions have been finding out more about the synergy between CDM and BIM. We don't believe there are many of us that are unfamiliar with both these terms, but, just in case. BIM is Building Information Modelling and the government has set out its strategy to reach level 3. CDM is the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and all construction projects now fall under this set of regulations.

Interestingly the Route to BIM in 10 steps tells us that at the moment many businesses within the design / construction industry are going to find it difficult to meet the government's deadlines. However BIM is more about a collaborative way of working, underpinned by the digital technologies which unlock more efficient methods of designing, delivering and maintaining physical built assets.  BIM embeds key product and asset data in a (potential) 3D computer model that can be used for effective management of information throughout an asset's lifecycle - from earliest concept through to operation.

So, what is the 'synergy' we are talking about? Well firstly it's all about construction projects, in particular the safe design of works that reduce hazards and the risk of damage to workers during construction and maintenance of the end building / project. Then we have the need to 'share information'; both CDM and BIM require those involved in a construction project to share information throughout design and implementation, this is key!  Additionally effective communication between all parties is paramount, thus ensuring that those involved are singing from the same song sheet. Those three words come to mind; 'Co-operate', 'Communicate' and 'Co-ordinate', these words are taken from CDM but the BIM process expects collaboration between all team members. 

The Ai Solutions ToolKit CS (CDM) hosted solution facilitates this collaborative approach, including 24/7 access, for all parties, to CDM project information and documentation. If you would like to know more about how Ai Solutions can help keep you compliant with the CDM regulations please call a member of the team on 01525 850080 or book your FREE demonstration and consultation by visiting our web site.