Going Forward - Grenfell Tower Fire

We have all seen the news about the tragic events regarding Grenfell Tower. Sadly it takes an event like this to make government start shouting at landlords, housing associations and councils to 'get their fire safety checks done'.

Many buildings like Grenfell are now under scrutiny; some of these buildings have undergone refurbishments where, it's been suggested, poor quality (less fire resistant) construction materials have been used. The consequence of this is that they will now have to readdress the refurbishments and take emergency measures to ensure the safety of those buildings and the tenants within.

It's a terrible lesson to learn as it has had such awful consequences. However under the CDM2015 (Construction (Design and Management)) regulations the Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor plus other Designers and Sub-Contractors all have their part to play. They should be asking questions to ensure that any contract work they undertake has been discussed, reviewed and understood. In particular what materials have been specified for the build; remember, not knowing is not an excuse!

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