Asbestos Surveying Made Easy

Asbestos Surveyor mobile appCalling all Surveyors! How long do you think it actually takes you to carry out your survey? This needs to also include creation of the Asbestos Survey Report, adding in any ACM details, photos, asbestos registers, MAS, RAS, PAS, etc.? Well could we estimate a minimum of at least 5-10 days? The time it takes to actually carry out the physical survey can pale into comparison when you have to then go back to the office and have to create the report for your client. But then again, you are a business and charge for your time.

Many of you may well have word documents set up so that you can add in appropriate data to create the report, tedious amount of effort though.  These types of document are not fool proof and many a report has been sent out containing another client's information. That's not what you want!

Well, at Ai Solutions we have a mobile Asbestos Surveying app specifically designed around the Asbestos regulations. Intuitive, simple, quick and in the palm of your hand. Are you impressed? Do you want to know more?

Our Mobile Surveying application is FREE to download for iOS or Android devices. It links directly to a central database storage in the cloud. However while you are surveying you are 'in-situ' and don't have to worry about 'being connected'. Does this sound too good to be true?

Once you are ready you can then sync to the main system and transfer your survey data. This information is the start of your Asbestos Management report.  Whether you are carrying out a Bulk Sample Survey, Pre-demolition and Refurbishment Survey or a Visual Inspection Survey, we can help you produce everything in hours instead of days!

Asbestos Surveyor App

So where is the catch? The only thing you pay for is a single user licence for the cloud that will take you on the path to stress-free Asbestos Compliance

For more information and to view a demo of this mobile Asbestos Surveyor app, please contact a member of the team here at Ai Solutions on 01525 850080 or email us at and we can provide a FREE demonstration at your convenience.