PPE Regulation Changes - Are you Prepared?

PPEWe read recently that the two year transition period for the PPE regulations is not too far off. These new EU regulations will replace the current directive on 21st April 2018. Time to start your reviews of current PPE.

PPE manufacturers will have to recertify their products to retain the CE classification within the European free trade association states. So how will this affect construction workers and employers? Obviously, at the moment, there won't be much change. However once the new legislation comes into force you will need to make sure that your workers are using correctly certificated PPE.

Will Brexit affect anything? This is difficult to say at the present time as we have only just started the long path. However, any new legislation takes time to implement and enforce. Our recommendation is that you start your planning now to prepare for the changes that you will need to consider. For more on PPE regulation changes visit the SHP website: New PPE Regulation could take worker safety to the next level.

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