Brexit and the Construction Industry

CDM 2015Now that we have started our path towards Brexit we need to look at how it may affect the construction industry. There has been an awful lot of negativity regarding leaving the European Union as many see this as a threat to one of their key resources, immigrant workers. Cheap labour keeps many construction projects going so without the easy 'free movement' of immigration between member states will the cost of projects soar as we have less access to foreign workers?

On the plus side this will mean we will need to invest more in British workers to bridge the gap. We see this as a positive impact, giving unemployed the chance to gain a career and to upskill current construction workers into higher management roles. Perhaps we may even get more women interested in management roles?

Whatever Brexit throws at us its looks like being a bumpy ride for the construction industry. However we do still have the Construction (Design and Management) regulations 2015 to consider.

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