CDM2015 Three Months On - How are we doing?

CDM 2015The 2015 Construction (Design and Management) regulations (CDM2015) have been in force for three months now, so how are things settling in?

For many larger organisations, apart from the change of responsibility from CDM-C to Principal Designer, it seems that things are staying the same. Many already had their processes in place and have managed the transfer of responsibilities quite well. Along with this, many CDM-C's have chosen to offer their services to Client and Design organisations in the capacity of a 'CDM Advisory' role. We believe this is a good choice and benefits the Construction industry as CDM-C's are well placed with their knowledge, expertise and qualifications to support both Client and Principal Designer (PD) alike.

However, we must remember that this does not exclude the Client or PD from their responsibilities under CDM2015. The changes mean that Clients are now even more responsible which can be a little daunting. CDM2015 also now includes domestic clients, however they are supported by the Principal Contractor (PC) and PD when they are undertaking any domestic works. Nevertheless, domestic is still a concern for many as they have no idea what they are required to do under the CDM2015. Of course the team at Ai Solutions are well equipped to help and guide you in all aspects of CDM.

October 6th 2015 is looming quickly and this is when the cut off is for any projects still being managed under the previous regulations (CDM2007) so we all need to get our house in order very soon. Some of the larger projects - for example those projects with construction beyond 6th October or those projects that are more complex or have serious hazards or complexity - should have already transferred to CDM2015. If you have such a project make sure that you have everything in place as the HSE will be doing spot checks to make sure you are complying with the new regulations.

Ai Solutions has noticed that more architects, design and build organisations and smaller design practices are looking to improve their CDM Compliance as they are now acting under the Principal Designer (PD) role. This is also good news for the industry as they are taking the bull by the horns and ensuring they are seriously undertaking their CDM responsibilities!

There is still a way to go to ensure that everyone is complying with the law and we are unsure as yet how the HSE intend to police things. But let us not forget that CDM2015 is there to help cut back on accidents and the loss of lives and to also ensure that those involved in construction projects carry out their duties and are held accountable. If you are a 'principal' under the CDM2015 regulations we can help, guide and advise as well as provide a CDM Compliance tool that will make your life easier.

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