Features - ToolKit CS Cloud

The CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud product includes features specific to CDM, along with standard features.

CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud allows any number of users to initiate project detail, edit template based documents and add a multiplicity of attachments for the management of the CDM process including the provision of the Notification (Form 10), Pre-Construction Information, Construction Phase Plan, and Health & Safety File. All documents and reports can be formatted as required to meet corporate style requirements.

This CDM 2015 compliant cloud-based application allows any member of the construction team (with permission) to access the data they need, be they Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, Designer, Contractor or any other part of the construction management team.

The heart of ToolKit CS™ Cloud is a database with its own document management system. The single database always knows where to find the latest audited version of documents and management information.

New Projects

ToolKit CS™ - CDM New Project Wizard

CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud is well served with easy to navigate screens which make the user's experience easy and straightforward whilst presenting the full package of choices available at any point in the process.

New users will find the New Project screen very simple to use irrespective of the size of the installation or of the project. A full choice of 'New' or 'Replica' projects, along with sets of 'Template' documents is presented as a starting point so that the project creation process is as concise as possible.


ToolKit CS™ Cloud - CDM Dashboard

The Dashboards within the application includes analysis of the entire database to provide early warning of non-compliance with the HSE's CDM regulations, along with issues that need addressing relating to competence.

The CDM Dashboard provides quick access to all current projects plus statistics on those sites without notification (F10), or other documentation that is overdue for completion.

Knowledge Centre

ToolKit CS™ - Knowledge Base

The ToolKit CS™ Knowledge Centre includes a knowledge base of carefully researched and updated information about the entire CDM process including over 100 hazard related topics 'in plain English'.

See the Safety Matters health & safety community website for a taste of the knowledge base content.

Web Interface

ToolKit CS™ Cloud web interface

Users can access CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud via any modern web browser on all devices (desktop, mobile/smartphone, tablet, etc) on a permissioned basis.

Users have access to appropriate CDM data and can download Project and Structure documents as required, as well as approving documents and uploading new documents and drawings as required.

Mobile-Friendly Website

The web interface features a built-in mobile version that is specifically designed to make navigating and working with ToolKit CS™ Cloud simple and easy on a smart phone or other small-screen device.

Electronic Health & Safety File

During the lifetime of a structure (such as a School, Bridge, etc), many CDM Projects may be carried out.

To simplify the management of the Health & Safety File under the CDM Regulations 2015, projects can be grouped within individual structures, providing a single Health & Safety File across related projects.

Competency Recording

Competence is another issue central to the CDM regulations. The HSE have been un-prescriptive in what they require apart from the basic need for competence in skills knowledge, ability, resources and systems.

CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud gives users the opportunity to not only use this approach but to enhance it with their own assessments. These can be in any format and attached as documents if required.

Competence can be monitored with review dates and reminders which are part of the dashboards. This is to ensure that competence issues are kept up to date and that the organisation's liability in this regard is minimised.

Mapping Interface

ToolKit CS™ Cloud - Mapping Interface

CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud includes the facility to target co-ordinates against each Structure in your database.

When users search or click through each folder of data, any results with co-ordinates are displayed on a map for easy access by the user.

Search Engine

Fundamentally, ToolKit CS™ is a database; not just a document management system with an excellent Knowledge Centre. This means that users can, with the help of our powerful search engine, research their ToolKit™ database to answer their day to day CDM or asbestos management software needs.

The search engine can be set to search for documents, project, site or structure data, competence records, or simply search the knowledge base for relevant information, on duties, hazard related topics and so on. This puts significant 'power' in front of users at the touch of a button, saving time, energy and stress by resolving issues quickly and efficiently from a single point of reference; ToolKit CS™ Cloud.

Document Templates, Editor, Version Control and History

ToolKit CS™ Cloud - Document Editor

The document management package included in CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud is very much like Microsoft Word.

It is enhanced with features that allow automated embedding of project and other data directly into any document, allowing users to maintain and enhance their own template documents and regular reports, with layouts created in your own corporate style.

Documents can be output in a variety of file formats, emailed, or simply printed. Versions can be saved and recalled at any time, with an audit trail provided as standard.

Project documents can be approved by the person in the appropriate role for the project (Client, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, etc).

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is central to the CDM process. CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud includes a basic Risk Assessment module backed by the knowledge centre to help users through the hazard and risk identification and assessment process in a structured way.

Alternatively, single flat forms can be set up as templates or copied in from external sources as required.

Actions, Letters and Messaging

CDM ToolKit CS™ Cloud includes extensive communications modules including actions/notes and a letters module with mail merge facilities.

Messaging includes notifications and a project log, giving users ample tools to allow them to manage their communications effectively from anywhere within ToolKit™ Cloud.


Users can be given permission to access, read and edit all data within ToolKit CS™ Cloud, or just those projects that they work on. Set up correctly, the system can be run so that a small group of internal personnel maintain the database and a large group of external personnel access the data on a read only or need to know basis.

Audit Trail

A major requirement of a management system is the provision of an audit trail so that past activities are traceable. ToolKit CS™ Cloud has been designed around this principle. All system administrators can access the audit trail whenever required.


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