Off Site Expo 2019

Ai Solutions visited the recent OFFSITE EXPO and share their experiences and the information they gained from the visit.

Offsite ExpoWe were lucky enough to visit the OFFSITE Expo at the Rioch Arena in Birmingham recently. Within the construction industry we are now being more careful about what effects our buildings have on the environment. The event showcased new materials that are ecologically friendlier; the aim is to try and encourage more thoughtful design and building practices. This particular event concentrates on technologies and materials that are manufactured for use within the construction industry. This includes latest innovations that are new to the market that will help shape the future of design and construction.

Modular house building, timber buildings and pre-fabrication featured high on the agenda, showing us how they can save time and increase productivity. Along with BIM these newer technologies seek to eliminate more of the risk from construction projects.

The event also included a lot of smaller 'specialist stands' which made for some interesting discoveries. As well as this there were some 'masterclass sessions' to provide insights and knowledge from the 'best in the business'.  

The event was well subscribed and the speakers very knowledgeable in their field. The topics of the day included Modular working, future building and sustainable materials. In particular we noted that timber was very prominent and is seen as one of the most sustainable martials along with concrete. This was surprising  bearing in mind how much forest has been lost world-wide in the last few years.



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