Quantity Surveying - Lack of Expertise

'Prove It' image by miguel ugalde, #1424766A Quantity Surveyor is 'key' when aiming for a project that comes in on budget, in fact, a good Quantity Surveyor is worth their weight in gold. We have all read about the lack of qualified processionals within construction and, as part of the planning process, a Quantity Surveyor is a crucial element when trying to gauge the pricing of work.

However, from what we are reading and hearing, there seem to be a lot of Quantity Surveyors retiring and, as it's not a 'cool or funky' job, many new starters are just not as interested in this type of role. There is a lot of skill in the work they do. Their knowledge of construction works plus their engineering background mean that they can command a pretty high salary.

Quantity surveyors manage the costs on a construction project. They help to ensure that the construction project is completed within its projected budget. Alternative job titles for a quantity surveyor include 'cost consultant', 'commercial manager', 'cost manager' and 'cost engineer'. Whatever their job title the tasks quantity surveyors complete will differ according to whether they are working on the design or the construction stage of a project (and therefore whether they are working for a consultancy – which focuses on the design stage – or the contractor, who builds the project).

For anyone that is interested in this sort of role and would like to learn more we note that there is a good start-up course available for UCEM (University College of Estate Management). They are running an Online / Interactive 'Quantity Surveying Fundamentals Course' which starts on October 23rd. For more information visit their web site, UCEM/Quantity Surveyor Course.