Training States of Jersey

States of Jersey Recycling Centre

Ai Solutions have been out and about recently. One of the team visited the States of Jersey last week to train their staff in CDM ToolKit CS. The States of Jersey take compliance very seriously and their Infrastructure team have recently purchased ToolKit CS to help them better manage their CDM projects. Jersey has its own set of regulations, CDM 2016 and ToolKit has been designed around them. Additionally the knowledge base that is part of what Ai Solutions delivers, has also been updated to include guidance around the Jersey CDM2016 regulations.

While there we had the opportunity to visit the "state of the art" Waste Recycling Centre at La Collette. It was a recent CDM project and was completed in January 2017 and is most impressive. Among its many facilities it boasts a training suite to facilitate the education of the youngsters on the island, helping them to keep their island clean and help the environment.

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