Premier League Development

Exciting times are ahead within construction as many of the premier league clubs are finding funds for new stadiums and upgrading stadium development. With the trend being more the 'American Model', football clubs are focusing on hospitality areas as this seems to be where the money is at. With fine dining and large lounges where you can meet and eat before a match, plus built in high specification hotels, the aim is to further expand and develop the sites to become more hospitality orientated. SHP states that 80% of Wembley's revenue is generated by hospitality.

In Milton Keynes we have the famous MK Dons Stadium which has a state of the art hospitality section as well as the fabulous DoubleTree by Hilton hotel. There are many events held at the stadium including children's events which aim to encourage the younger generation to get more out of football.

MK Dons Stadium plan

These types of construction are quite specialist, requiring high-quality engineering, particularly for the roof design and fitting. Large structures like these have particular hazards to overcome including wind load and deflection. With the UK market starting to grow in this area it's an opportunity for those contractors who understand the challenges and the risks to put themselves forward.

With all of that you will need to consider CDM and how the project will be managed. Ai Solutions is best placed to help you with this so give a member of the team a call on 01525 850080 to have your free demonstration of CDM ToolKit Compliance System or visit for more information.

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