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Newsletter - August 2011

The August 2011 edition of the Ai Solutions Newsletter is now available: August Newsletter.
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Retirement in Construction: Timebomb

It would seem we have another hurdle in front of us within the construction industry. New figures published by CITB-Construction Skills show that there are less youngsters coming into the construction indusrty. This means that construction firms face a retirement timebomb with one in six workers due to retire within the next decade and too few youngsters left to replace them. The trend has continued over the last few years and now we are also getting more migrant workers who are less skilled than...
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Construction: Falls From Height Still a Common Occurence

We have noticed that there are still a lot of 'falls from height' being reported within the construction industry. Much of this occurs because of bad planning and lack of proper and detailed risk assessments. Is this lack of risk asessments because we are all being too lazy, or that due to a lack of resources at the HSE, we think we can 'get away with it'? We would hope not! Even so, the fact that someone can, and does, get injured should make us realise how the 'good practice' of doing a risk...
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